Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

bowwow.tcl script

After extracting the Woof! distribution, the BowWow server, can be invoked through the Tcl interpreter program. Note that to run the BowWow server it is not necessary to install the distribution first.

~/woof> tclsh scripts/bowwow.tcl

The above commands will start up BowWow in a separate console window as shown below.

BowWow 0.4
Server started on port 8015
Enter Ctrl-C to exit...

The output shows the BowWow server running on port 8015, which is the BowWow default. You can run the server on a different port by specifying the -port PORTNUMBER command line option when starting the server. After starting BowWow, browsing to URL http://localhost:8015 should bring up the web page below.

BowWow Welcome Page

you can change the URL at which the application is rooted by specifying the option -urlroot URLROOT. By default the application URL is at /.

Note that unlike the standalone BowWow server, the script based version does not have any built-in utility commands. Instead the standard Woof! utilities like application generation tools have to be invoked using the Tcl interpreter.