Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

Common errors


One of the most common errors made is not ensuring proper permissions on various files and directories. Make sure the tclsh executable and Woof! directories are accessible for read and execute to the account under which the Web server. In CGI and SCGI configurations, this applies to the account under which the Woof! runs as well. Note that the temp directory in the Woof! folder and the directory to which logging has been configured need to be writable.

URL root

If you have forgotten or incorrectly set url_root in the configuration file, pages will fail to display or will display correctly but links will not work. Ensure that url_root is set and matches the configuration of the Web server.

Changes not taking effect

If modifications to the application do not seem to take effect, ensure that the browser cache is not interfering. Also, in production mode you may need to restart the Woof! server as it caches template and class definitions. This is not required for CGI.