Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)


Woof! - Web Oriented Object Framework - is an open-source, platform and server-independent web application framework written in the Tcl programming language. It is intended to be easy to install and deploy, simple to understand and customize, and embeddable into other applications.

Woof! provides programming facilities that simplify web development by taking care of those tasks that are commonly required in writing server-side Web applications. Woof! applications are portable and can be easily moved between platforms or web servers with minimal changes.

Woof! accelerates the development process through tools that enable incremental development, interactive server-side debugging and automatic documentation generation.

This guide assumes the reader is familiar with the Tcl programming language and development of Web server-side applications. If not, refer to the Recommended_reading chapter for a reading list.