Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

Pure CSS buttons

Pure CSS styles buttons are created with the woof::pure::button command. The command takes several options, some examples of which are shown below. See the command documentation for the full list.

A standard button to invoke a Javascript script when clicked.

[woof::pure::button "Click me" -onclick {alert("You clicked me!");}]

A disabled button.

[woof::pure::button "Disabled" -enabled 0]

A pressed button.

[woof::pure::button "Pressed" -pressed 1]

A button visually marked as primary.

[woof::pure::button "Primary" -primary 1]

A button linking to a URL.

[woof::pure::button "Table of Contents" -url index]