Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

Pure CSS forms

Pure CSS provides styles for HTML forms as well. These forms can be generated with the woof::pure::form command based on a form definition. An example is shown below.
[woof::pure::form {
  fieldset {
      input {-label Name -name name -type text -placeholder {Your Name} -required 1}
      input {-label DOB -name dob -type date}
      input {-label {Bank Account} -name acct -type text -placeholder {Your account number} -required 1}
      input {-label Password -name pass -type password -placeholder {Enter your banking password} -required 1}
      input {-label {Yes, I authorize withdrawal of $1000 from my account for verification} -name cb -type checkbox}
      input {-label {I'm a greedy pig} -name personality -type radio}
      input {-label {No, I am just a gullible fool} -name personality -type radio}
  buttons {
      {"Submit" -type submit -primary true}
      {"Reset" -type reset}
} -layout aligned -title "Fill out the form to get money for free!"]
Fill out the form to get money for free!