Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

Skinning using Pure CSS

You can choose a skin, essentially a color scheme with settings for other visual attributes like padding, rounded corners etc., for Pure CSS form elements. The examples in the previous sections used a skin specifically generated for this guide.

The steps required to use a Pure CSS skin are as follows:

As an example, to create the skin for this guide, the CSS generated by the skin builder was saved to the file pure-skin-ug.css in the public/stylesheets directory.

The following lines were added to the constructor for the UgController class.

pagevar set stylesheets {
    _woof_ug.css pure-skin-ug.css
pagevar set main {cssclasses {+ pure-skin-ug}}

The first command loads the common CSS definitions for this guide and the CSS skin. The second command specifies that the skin be added to the main page section.

Note two points about the use of skins.