Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

The request object

On receiving a client request, Woof! creates the request object, of class Request, that encapsulates various attributes and data in the request. The following objects are contained in request.


Parameters passed in the client request are accessible through the params object. This is also directly accessible from the controller object context.


Any HTTP cookies sent in the client request can be retrieved through the cookies object. This can also be accessed in a controller context as icookies (to distinguish them from outgoing cookies ocookies.


The env object stores the environment passed in by the Web server. Generally, applications should use the methods of the request object that hide web server differences rather than directly accessing this. This can also be accessed from controller context.

The request object also has several helper methods to retrieve information about the request, such as the URL, port etc. in a web server independent manner. Refer to the API documentation for details.