Web Oriented Object Framework

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

User Guide (Version 0.5b4)

scgi_winservice - Woof! Windows service

The scgi_winservice.tcl script, located in the scripts subdirectory under the Woof! root, is used for installing and running Woof! as an SCGI server under Windows.

The general form of the command when invoked from the Woof! root directory is:

tclsh scripts/scgi_winservice.tcl ?OPTIONS? COMMAND

Details of each command are given below.

Installing Woof! as an Windows service

tclsh scripts/scgi_winservice.tcl ?-service SERVICENAME? ?-port PORT? ?-startup STARTMODE? install

Installs the Woof! SCGI server as a Windows service. Once installed, the service can be managed like any other Windows service through the net start and net stop commands or through the Windows service control manager user interface.

-service SERVICENAME Installs as the service SERVICENAME. If this option is not specified, the service installed with the name woofscgi.
-port PORT Specifies the port number on which the service should listen for requests sent by the web server. Defaults to 9999.
-startup STARTMODE Specifies how the service is to be started. STARTMODE must be one of manual or auto. If auto, the service is automatically started by the service control manager at system boot time. Otherwise, it must be manually started. The default is manual.

Uninstalling the Woof! Windows service

tclsh scripts/scgi_winservice.tcl ?-service SERVICENAME? uninstall

Uninstalls any Windows service. The option -service should be specified with the name of the service to be uninstalled if it is different from the default value of woofscgi. Note this command can actually uninstall any Windows service (not just Woof!) so use with care.

Running as a Windows service

When called without any COMMAND argument, the script will run as the Woof! SCGI server service. This is intended to be called from the service control manager and should not be called from the command line.

See the chapter SCGI on Windows for some additional information.